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What’s Up

Again, I’ve gone through another long stretch of silence on this blog.  I’m sorry to any of you who may still check it from time to time.  Though I’ve been silent here, I haven’t been sitting on my hands in real life.  I’ve been quite busy with several endeavors, and that is part of the reason I never seem to find the time to write a new blog entry.

I’ll start off this one just like I did the last one, with another video production from my son, Dylan, and I.   This is a very different musical piece from my Saudade project.  Though I’ve done somewhat “new age” tracks in the distant past, I haven’t done anything like this recently, where the focus is on the piano and the mood.  There are no lyrics–just the instrumental mood music.

This track is called “Disciple’s Lament” because I like the sound of that title, and it does sound somewhat mournful.  The actress in the video is a friend of Dylan’s named Cassie Burns.  She did a great job.

This is the title track to a future release I’ve also called “Disciple’s Lament”, intended to be a 5-track EP with all piano / new age style music– only a couple with lyrics.   It would not see a digital or physical release until after the “Restricted” collection.

On another creative front, yesterday (December 27th) I finished the first draft of my youth fantasy novel called “Gracie Twofeet”.   It had been a new year resolution for 2009 to finish the first draft, so I’m happy to say that I did it!   It has been a very enjoyable project.  The main characters are children, and I found it to be a new challenge to write a story which would not only draw the interest of young readers, but which would portray those young characters in a realistic and interesting way.   I found that I ended up liking those characters a lot– I cared about them, almost like real children.  I wanted everything to turn out OK for them, and since I’m in charge, things do work out OK for them.  Though all conflict is not resolved, they find happiness in their new situation.   Yes, there’s the main antagonist who is a mysterious witch who was banished 100 years ago to the sea (her spirit is thus trapped in the waters until she can find a way out).   I know… it is very much along the lines of other popular books in the new youth fantasy boom (thanks Harry Potter).

Tomorrow I will head out to a cabin at cold, snowy Bear Lake (on the border of Utah and Idaho) to spend a couple of days with my brothers and sisters and their families.  It has been years since we’ve all been together, so it should be a lot of fun.   It will be the perfect way to end the year and head into the new.  Wow, I can’t believe 2009 has passed so quickly.   I hope to be better with my efforts to write interesting blogs in the coming weeks and months.  Maybe I’ll hit some hot topics again instead of boring you with my little creative updates.

Thanks for your friendship and interest!



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