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Fond Memories – Minneapolis Pizza Break

This blog post today will be very brief.  I think it will be fun to occassionally post a fond memory from my adventures in the music business.

Today I will look back at my relatively recent trip to Minneapolis to see Information Society play live.  I was traveling with my friend Mike.  We had some time to kill before the show was to begin and we hadn’t eaten anything for dinner yet, so we ventured across the street from the club to a little pizzeria.  This was one of those places where you just order a couple slices, they throw them on a paper plate, and you’re out the door.   They had a wonderful selection of pizzas to choose from, and I believe I ordered something like sausage and spinach pizza.   But let’s get to the point…

Mike and I ordered our pizzas, said “please” and “thank you” as we paid and received our dinner.  Then the attractive female college student who had been helping us said, “Wow you guys sure are polite!”

Well, maybe the college crowd in Minneapolis doesn’t say “please” or “thank you”?  Anyway, I said thanks again and began to turn to leave.  Then she said, “Hey, do you guys want to come to a party tonight?”

She was pointing at a promo card for some event that was sitting on the counter top.  I didn’t really look at it and said, “Actually, we are going to be at a show tonight across the street.”   Of course, she hadn’t heard of Information Society or any of the other bands playing and simply said “too bad” that we wouldn’t be there.

As we left the pizzeria, I commented to Mike that I felt pretty flattered that she would invite a couple strangers to a party just because we were polite– particularly older guys like us.  I’m certainly not the hip, young college student anymore.  Mike just laughed and said, “Didn’t you see the party she was inviting us to attend?”

“No, I didn’t look.”

“Well, the card she was pointing at said Revenge of the Nerds Party!”

“Oh…I guess that makes sense.”

Suddenly I didn’t feel so flattered anymore.  She was only inviting us because she thought we were the perfect fit for a “Revenge of the Nerds” party.   I laughed as we crossed the street to go back to the venue where we would embrase our truly CLASSIC nerdy tendencies at an Information Society concert.  Yep, it was 100% nerdy, and fun!



One Response to “Fond Memories – Minneapolis Pizza Break”

  1. Holy cow I had forgotten that. Good pizza that came with a party invite. LOL

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