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Working the Street Corner

Hello friends!  I only have a few minutes for a quick blog update today.   As some of you know, due to following me on Facebook, I’ve started a summer job this week.  I’m spending about 7 hours per day working a produce stand on a street corner.   One of my neighbors has done this kind of thing for years and asked if I’d like to help him out this year, and of course, I get paid to do it.   Given the financial hardship I’ve been going through lately just trying to pay the bills, this was a real blessing.  So, I’m out there in the sun, selling fresh corn and melons.  Ya gotta do what you gotta do.

That of course means that I’m spending less time with A Different Drum, doing the things that I’ve always loved doing.  Orders have been fewer this summer, so it’s not too hard to keep up with those.  My creative time may have to slow down in some ways.   But I will keep doing whatever I can in whatever hours are left in each day.

Actually, yesterday while I was working, I began work on RENAME’s “Real Songs for Real People” project.  One of the song sponsors is a farmer who has some thoughts about the way people perceive him because of his “alternative” tastes.   So, without revealing too much, the song is turning out to be really fun.   Marcus and I are really looking forward to working on this project together.  Marcus will begin laying down some demos soon.   If you want to follow the progress and receive MP3 demos of the songs in progress, feel free to sign up as a “follower” at

Now, I don’t blame my need to work an extra job on the government, or on a failed “stimulus plan” or anything like that.  It’s just reality– sometimes you’re up, and sometimes you’re down.   I don’t expect anybody to bail me out except myself through hard work.  Heaven knows my wife is doing her share as well, with two part-time jobs.   Sometimes we all have to take the necessary steps to simply “hang in there”.    Still, as a casual observer of the political process, and as a guy who sometimes gets irritated with politicians (don’t we all?) I did see an interesting video on Youtube about the job crisis we’re facing in the USA, and how the “job stimulus” bill is having an effect on the employment situation.   I found this video cute, due to the way the producer tries to simplify his explanation of the situation with a LOT of pennies:

OK, I’m not an Obama hater or anything.  Maybe I’m a bit critical of his promises, like with many politicians.  I remember somebody suggesting in the comments of my blog that I’m a typical “Utah Republican” because I don’t expect the government to help very much.  Well, mostly I don’t think it is the government’s JOB to get too involved in the lives of the people.   Regardless of party, these kinds of visual demonstrations are pretty interesting in pointing out that nobody is really “saving the day” despite the media hype we tend to hear about all the great things being done to improve the economy.

Ah, just noticed one more by the same guy.  Again, it’s kinda cute:

OK, that’s enough for today.  I’ve probably ticked off a few people, and I need to get going to the produce stand.  Yikes!  I’m running late!



One Response to “Working the Street Corner”

  1. Has emails already started to go out for the Rename project if you’re a songer purchaser or follower?

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