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Life Goes On – Here Are the Updates

It has been several days since I posted anything on my blog, so I thought today would be a nice general update day.   Today I will talk about the little ins and outs of my life.   These will be random notes, so enjoy.  Some are more interesting than others.

–>  Last Friday I sat down to write a new song after my trip to the post office.  I got into a groove and pretty much finished it.  The song is called “Somnius Finis” and I thought it would be the perfect ending to the upcoming album by Saudade.  Since uploading the track to the mastering studio, I talked to a couple of trusted friends about it and decided a couple things needed to be changed.  I intentionally sang the song in a “whiny” or “desperate” vocal style– imagine a little touch of Robert Smith (The Cure) or Jason Smith (Leiahdorus).   There are a couple of high back-up vocals where I obviously cracked, but thought it added to the “desperate” effect in the melancholy song.   Eventually I was convinced it just sounded bad.   I tried re-singing the high part, but it didn’t sound right.  So I approached a talented vocalist with a unique timbre, Sheri Shaw.    Adding her to the very final chorus repeat seemed to redeem the ending a bit.   I like her voice so much that I used her part to create an intro to the album as well.  So, the album will begin with a hint of the finale.

–>  One reason I wanted to finish up the tracks for a Saudade album this week is because I start a temporary summer job on Monday.  I’ll spend 6-7 hours per day manning a produce stand which sells fruit and veggies for local farmers.   Yep, I have to pay the bills, so I’ll take whatever I can get.  That means I’ll have much less time in which to run A Different Drum’s every day activities, not to mention a drop in my creative time.   Hopefully I can keep up a fast pace to keep all the balls in the air.

–>  Today we got word from an allergy specialist that my oldest son Dylan (who is also type 1 diabetic) has several food allergies.  He hadn’t shown any signs of these allergies up until he hit his big growing spurt.  Now he just turned 16, is about as tall as I am, and WHAM! he has allergies.   It became noticeable when he started getting hives all over his body a few months ago and they wouldn’t go away.   So, here’s the unfortunate list:  milk, eggs, wheat, corn, soy, malt, and peanuts.    Myra’s first reaction was to laugh, because what the heck are we supposed to feed this kid?  Dylan’s first reaction was surprisingly also to laugh.  He started quite the conversation with his friends on Facebook about all the steaks he’d be eating from now on.   I guess when bad news hits and you can’t do anything to change it, the best you can do is laugh.

–>   OK, back to the topic of my Saudade album.   I hesitate to call is an “album” because I don’t really want to follow the typical release concept with Saudade.   I just want to release new material all the time.  Whether it is 4 tracks, or 12 tracks, or whatever, it’s just another batch of songs.  Thus, there are no tracks from the two existing Saudade singles (“Bad Dreams” and “Like You”) on the upcoming release which is called “The Guts to Be Good”.    Well, there is one remix of one of those previous songs, but it is a different version than is found elsewhere, so no repeats.   I already have eight tracks in various states of completion for the next release which will be called “Restricted”.   Want to hear the beginning of the first song on that one?   It’s just a little snippet, but here you go.   Yeah, just a rough recording that is still in the works, so don’t be too harsh on me.  Things may be changed down the road.   Oh, the completed song “Thunder” is going to be on THAT release too.

–>  I got a new football for Father’s Day last Sunday.  I’ve been out a couple of times with my kids to play catch.  It’s fun, but it sure makes my shoulder soar, since I’m the designated quarterback.   Since then I can barely hit the rim when I play basketball in the morning.   OK, that wasn’t a very interesting bit of news.

–>  The “Financial Desperation Sale” on drummed up enough in sales to pay the monthly bills on time.  It was a true blessing to be able to get that money in the bank just in time for it to vanish.   Seriously…it was like “woohoo, I have money!” and then a day later, “hey, where did it all go?”   But that’s how bills work, right?   I’m just happy that I had something in the bank on time, or it would have been ugly.  So, thanks to everybody who picked up a few CD’s during the last week or two.  It made a huge difference!  Now I need to worry about next month…but I’ll take one battle at a time.

–>  The Rename “Real Songs for Real People” album crept closer this week to a status where Marcus and I could begin working on it.  We still need just a few more “song sponsors”, but it’s exciting to see some of the fans and supporters jumping on board to help create a unique new album.   One of the new song sponsors plans for his song to be about the reactions he gets from people who see him wearing a kilt.  Awesome!   You know that song is going to be cool!

–>  Now, on to the stock market.   Have you noticed it has been dropping again?  Mostly we’ve seen it go sideways for a few weeks, but that motion started to creep downward.   Today it bounced back a bit, which is nice.   On my own minimal stock holdings, I dropped from about 14% profit to 9.5%.    Due to my current situation, I’ll stop investing those little amounts for a little while and just watch what happens.   There was one small computer parts company where I had $10 invested which declared bankruptcy last week.  Bye bye $10!   I guess I could have blown it on a pizza instead.

Sorry this blog wasn’t more interesting this time around.   Thanks for reading!



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