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Thanks Everybody!

Well, my last post to this blog was a bit down-in-the-dumps.  It is hard to find you’ve reached the end of the rope, and that’s how it has felt lately.  I launched a 20% off sale on A Different Drum’s website over the weekend to try to raise enough money to pay this week’s bills.  The response was outstanding, as were the replies to my blog post, offering advice and encouragement to keep things going.  My business bank account dropped below zero as expected, but it will go up again eventually.  The sale continues through this weekend, and maybe by Monday I’ll be back above zero.   I’m just going to take a deep breath and try to think positive.

I don’t want people to think I’m throwing the whole business out the window.  That’s too hard for me to do.   Even with the hard times, I’m going to keep A Different Drum going on some level.   The online store will continue to sell new and interesting independent releases from around the world for the friends and fans who want to buy them.  The selection may drop a bit and the focus will continue to turn more and more toward “new releases only” since those are the only items that really sell.  I can’t carry a large inventory of older releases, even if they are good.   As for the label, it will also slow down a bit, releasing CD’s only now and then, as I can afford to do so.

Basically I have to accept that this business, as the market currently exists, must become part-time.  Since it can’t pay as a full-time job should, I have to free myself up to make a living in other ways.  But once again, that does not mean A Different Drum is going away any time soon.

For those who are interested, I’ve applied for a couple more jobs since last week’s update, and I was not accepted for either (not even an interview).  But I was very blessed to have been contacted by a neighbor who has some summer work that he needs help with, so it looks like I’ll be able to dedicate five or six hours per day to a little labor that can help bring in some revenue for my family.

I’ve also started advertising locally for my little “school of pop”.   I’ll be teaching private lessons to children who want to learn music, but not with the classical approach.   I think back to when I as a child, my parents signed me up for piano lessons, and I did learn quite a bit that way, but I sure didn’t like those lessons.  Practicing seemed like a chore, not a pleasure.   But once you pulled those classical pieces away, I could sit at the piano for hours playing around.  My lack of interest in traditional piano lessons wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy music. I just wasn’t learning the kind of music that was in my heart.   So, I’m hoping to offer some kind of alternative for those kinds of kids who would find it more thrilling to learn song writing and basic recording, etc.    Now, whether or not any parents will want to pay $10 per lesson for something like this remains to be seen.   I put a page up on my personal homepage about my lessons here.

Anyway, I wanted to give a little update and not leave last week’s desperate cries hanging at the top of my blog for too long.  I am hopeful that things will turn around.  In fact, I know they will, one way or another.  Maybe not for the traditional music business as I’ve known it my whole career, but at least on a personal level.   If I can make enough money to provide for my family, which is the most important thing, then there’s nothing that says I can’t do what I love at least “on the side”, right?

So…group hug everybody!  We all have our different challenges in life.  Mine, in comparison with others I’ve seen, are few.  I should be grateful!  I should keep smiling!  The ride has been a heck of a good one, and if I can help it, that ride will continue to come with it’s ups and downs.  Everybody knows a roller coaster is more fun than a plain-old train ride any day.


PS.  Look, here is a lengthy interview on Side-Line Magazine’s website.   Oops, a couple of the usual typos, but a fun discussion.


5 Responses to “Thanks Everybody!”

  1. Have you talked to Caleb Chapman for ideas on the School of Pop thing? He ran the School of Music down in Utah county for a while until the funding dried up. I don’t have any contact info for him, but he’s on LinkedIn:

  2. Hi Todd!
    I am a newcomer to your blog. I look forward to following your trials and tribulations! Keep your spirits up and certainly don’t give up. I admire what you are doing! Christina

  3. Todd, you’ve been my friend for years and it’s hard to see you go through tough times. I’m wishing the best for you and your family and hope that things look up soon. I really admire you for your endurance, devotion, and love for synthpop through the years. Most people would have thrown in towel a few years ago. Anyways, friends stick together and I will do my best to see what I can do to help you out. Hang in there!

  4. Hi Todd.

    I’ve been a customer of your online store for about the last 5 years, and have GREATLY appreciated and enjoyed the music produced by ADD, as well as many other bands that you have in your online catalogue.

    Please don’t make me have to order synthpop from Metropolis Records in the future!! >;)

    I mean, they have a decent catalogue of synthpop (albeit mostly industrial), but they don’t even begin to approach your consistency, professionalism, and outstanding care for the customer.

    You’re a class act, and I hope to be able to purchase music from ADD for many more years to come.

    But, from one father to another, best of luck to you and your family, who you are so dutifully and lovingly trying to support. 🙂

  5. nice blog ill be visiting this more often. btw check out mine if you dont mind Piano Lessons Online. thanks!

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