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My Own Music Hits the Market

This week is kind of special for me. After 18 years working in the music business, mostly putting my own creative interests aside in favor of promoting those who are more talented, I’ve decided to put some of my own music into the independent market.

My first CD single has just been released!
Bad Dreams CD single

The two songs on the single were originally written in the 80’s, when I was a teenager. Then I re-recorded them last year (2008). There are also two remixes by my good friend Marcus Fellechner of the band RENAME (of which I am now also a part).

You can order the CD here on

But alas, that is not all! I am now basically an official member of RENAME, which is very cool since I’ve always loved Marcus’ music. I wrote the lyrics for the newest song, “The Hack” and Marcus of course added his own great music production and voice. Just as an ode to the “old school” music industry we both love, the single has been released on a 7-inch vinyl record. It features Marcus’ original version, and the b-side has my own remix called “The Hack (FBI Investigation)”. A couple of my neighbors, Hollie Downs and Lissa Wall, contributed some back-up vocals as well. The 7-inch single can currently only be ordered directly from my store here:

There was also a recent CD released called “A Different Mix 6” which features remixes that I have made through the years for other artists, plus my own song, “Bad Dreams”. You can pick that one up on here:

I’ve always loved remixing the works of other artists and giving their songs my own touch. This week I’ve worked on remixes of a very cool song called “Carry On” by a duo from France called YULES. I’ll also be working on a remix for the German band CHANNEL EAST very soon.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “My Own Music Hits the Market”

  1. Congratulations Todd! It’s exciting to see you so active artistically, and I know you’ve got other projects too that you haven’t mentioned yet.

  2. The kids have been looking for your music on iTunes. When will it be able to be purchased there? We are an iPod family all around and would love to have “Bad Dreams” and “Like You.”

    • In reply to Lisa’s question about iTunes. Yes, it is already released through iTunes and is found with a search for SAUDADE. I don’t use iTunes myself, but I do find it when going to A Different Drum’s iTunes search page:

      Go to “Saudade” then click to search iTunes and you’ll see it there. There are three versions of “Bad Dreams” and also the song “Lost Diamonds”. The song “Like You” will be available next month on the “Her Way” single.

  3. Until recently I didnt know you wrote songs or even sing..
    What I’ve heard so far, I like, including your remixes..
    I’m thinking of picking some Saudade up on my next purchase soon..Also like the videos you’ve done..Very cool..And congrats to joining RENAME.

    If your up for remixing, i’m always looking for remixers for future me at my email address if you’re interested.


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