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Welcome to My Random Thoughts

Welcome to my first personal blog!  Since it is my first, I’m doubting it will be noticed, read, or even curiously browsed.  But I thought it would be a good experience to attempt at least a short, simple blog.  The major challenge will be in finding the time to update a blog, since I already maintain a business website, several blogs, updates, and information pages for that business, and some personal and music related pages as well.   But this blog is intended to take a different focus– it will be a place where I can just be myself and talk about all the little things I’m doing every day.  I can share my random thoughts on work, life, family, business, the state of the world, or whatever comes to mind.   Maybe it can even be a bit of a springboard to the many other pages and places I interact with friends and family on the internet.   We shall see how it evolves.

First of all, by way of introduction, let me  share some links.

I have been self-employed since before graduating from college, and I own the business called “A Different Drum”.  The website is here:

There are also pages about A Different Drum around, some of which I maintain, and others I don’t.   I am the one who updates the Myspace page here:

I did not set up the Facebook page (a kind fan did that for me), and I haven’t really worked to update it, though I probably should.   It’s also fun to look at Wikipedia every once in a while to see how the definition of the business has changed, since it is constantly being tweaked by the public.  The listing is currently the most simple I’ve seen in a couple of years:

There are also label pages on Reverbnation and other music sites. 

One of my other aspirations in life is to be an author.  It’s something have not had time for, but I did manage to complete a science fiction novel called “Trigger” over the course of two years.  It’s currently in the final stages of preparation for publication.   I have a homepage I set up for myself here:

I’m also involved creatively with some music projects.  Though most of the last 18 years has been dedicated to marketing and selling music by other people, I’ve recently turned back to my roots and have put some time into making music again.  I work together with a very good friend name Marcus Fellechner, who lives in Germany, with the band that he founded called RENAME.    See the homepage here:

I’ll talk a lot more about Rename in coming blogs.   I also have my solo project where I concentrate on making new songs, but also re-recording songs I wrote in my teen years.   I have a Myspace page for my project called SAUDADE here:

I’m also part of a couple other more “secret” music projects.  Well, that’s a little bit of an introduction.  A lot more information will of course be forthcoming as I work on this blog.   Thanks for visiting!


PS.  If you’re into the whole “Twitter” revolution, you can follow me here:


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